About different Casino Roulette

Players place their bets on the Casino Roulette table with numbers, after which the dealer unwinds the drum directly and throws balloon at it. If the balls stop at the numbers on which the bet was when the player wins.

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Types of Roulettes online

There are five main varieties of Roulettes. It is by their rules most often play in the casino. From their own rules, casinos have repelled if they create their kinds of Casino Roulette.

European Roulette

The wheel divided into 37 sectors, each of which has numbered from Zero to 36. If the ball has stopped at zero, then all players lose, regardless of their bets.

American Roulette

Its difference from the European one is that the netent has another sector Double Zero. It means the whole number of areas is 38. American Roulette Casinos win almost twice as often with 5.26% probability.

French Roulette

It is a replica of European Roulette. Differences are in the availability of the La Partafa Rule, which guarantees players a consolation prize equal to half of their bets, in the case of balls, will stop at Zero.

Roulette without Zero

Zero Free Roulette known among players and the most unpopular among casinos. It has only 36 sectors, from 1 to 36, respectively. There is no guaranteed loss; everything depends only on the strategy of the players. Casino game online Roulette do not like it.

Mini Roulette

Fewer sectors, only 13 in mini Roulette, will increase a player’s chances of winning. However, at the same time, and the probability of falling out Zero, which increases the guaranteed profit of the casino almost three times.

Live Roulette

Online live Roulette Casino is especially popular among its visitors, thanks to the dynamism of the gameplay, passion, and quite a real prospect, overnight, to score a solid score in any currency.

How to win

The betting ratios have reduced to the following variations:

  • A direct bet made on one number;
  • Split is a bet on two adjacent numbers;
  • Street, on three numbers of one row;
  • Kare, corner bet covering four positions;
  • Six lane, two places to one, covering six-position;
  • On a column, at one on 12 numbers;
  • A dozen is also a bet on 12 numbers, but not in one column, but counted as one of the three dozen;
  • More or less;
  • Even or odd;
  • Red or black.

Schemes and strategies

The most popular of the existing crafts are the following:

  • Fibonacci strategy;
  • Large square;
  • Strategy six variants of Martingale;
  • Labusher;
  • Thomas Donald’s craft;
  • Tactics Column and Dozen;
  • Cuban;
  • Garcia;
  • Five out of six;
  • Titanic Strategy;
  • Happy Seven;
  • Biarritz.

They all have a common feature; each of them has based on a mathematical probability theory. Casino Roulette online casino succumb to winning strategies, however, in the end, you can all lose.